The Shwedagon Pagoda

swedagonVen. the 4th Zurmang Drukpa Rinpoche just completed the inauguration of the Shwedagon Pagoda at Taman Alam Lumbini - Brastagi, Medan. The event took place from 30 - 31 October 2010 and was attended by thousands of monks from the traditions ofTheravada, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Approximately five thousand devotees came to attend the event, and this was recorded in the Museum of Indonesian Records (MURI).



 The Shwedagon Pagoda is 38.6 meters of height (without the golden umbrella on top), or 45 meters with the golden umbrella on top of the pagoda as also recorded by the Museum of Indonesian Records.

The religious leaders of all Buddhist traditions attended this event and representative of each joined the inauguration of the second world largest pagoda (after the Swedagon Pagoda in Myanmar). Ven. the 4th Zurmang Drukpa Rinpoche was honoured to be the representative of Vajrayana (Tantrayana) tradition to lead the inauguration of the pagoda. Besides Ven. the 4th Zurmang Drukpa Rinpoche, the leaders from other  traditions who also joined to inaugurate the pagoda were: Hai Tao Fa Se, representatives from Myanmar, Korea, and Japan.

Lamp offerings were put in front of the Buddha statue, represented by the above five religious leaders. On the same day at about 3:30 pm, there was a joint prayers from 3 Buddhist traditions: Theravada, Mahayana & Vajrayana. Prayers from the Vajrayana tradition was lead by  Drukpa Rinpoche from Zurmang Kagyud.

The event was attended by approximately 1,700 monks from various countries, among others from: Myanmar, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, HongKong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri lanka, Cambodia, Laos, England, USA, Canada, France, Uganda, etc. The Museum of Indonesian Records recorded the replica of the Swedagon Pagoda as the biggest pagoda in Indonesia, as well recorded the greatest number of monks and lay devotees attending an event of Buddhism in Indonesia.

On the second day of the event, Drukpa Rinpoche gave some Thanka and a full set of Saddhana to Mr. Tongariodjo Angkasa as souvenirs.(SADDANA LENGKAP APA…KAN BANYAK VERSINYA, LALU SIAPA MIR TONGARIODJO ANGKASA ITU-DI SINI BELUM ADA INFONYA)

In addition to the various religious leaders (such as Hai Tao Fa Se), some community leaders and representatives of the government (such as: Minister of Religion, Governor, Mayor) also came, as well as the devotees from different backgrounds of groups and regions, not only from Indonesia but also from various countries. Some Buddhist masters who also came to participate in this great event were Thek Chok Rinpoche (the son of previous Zurmang Tenga Rinpoche), Gaden Rinpoche (from Gelugpa tradition), some Rinpoches from Karma Kagyud, and tens of Khenpos, monks and nuns from both Zurmang Kagyud and Karma Kagyud.