Puja Rules at Borobudur

All participants are obliged take the Nyen Ney vows, as follows:

  1. Not killing.
  2. Not stealing.
  3. Not having sexual intercourse or sexual misconduct.
  4. Not lying.
  5. Not consuming anything that can weaken one’s mindfulness and create addiction.
  6. Not eating after 12 pm at local time.
  7. Not using cosmetics, ornaments, perfume, not listening to the music, not dancing, not watching movies/amusements.
  8. Not sleeping on comfortable, luxurious high bed.

Besides, during the retreat, all participants are obliged to have commitment on the following things :

  1. Not speaking for the whole 24 hours, not making contact with the world outside (phone, phone short message) during 3 day puja. In case there is a very important matter, please contact Lama/committee by writing your concern on the paper.
  2. Not allowed to speak among participants included communication through writing, unless it is very important and urgent.
  3. Participants are allowed to use Cream Sun Block.
  4. Participants are allowed to help to set alight the lights offering.
  5. During puja, all participants are not allowed to use hat. Only at the time of helping to set alight the lights offering, participants are allowed to use hat during the hot weather.
  6. There will be no puja call and morning call for all participants.
  7. Participants who really cannot stand fasting at night are allowed to take minimum drink of milk, honey, sweet tea and coffee.
  8. a) At breakfast and lunch, all participants are obliged to queue nicely. After sitting down for taking meal, participants are not allowed to stand before all participants complete their meals together.
    b) After taking meals, all participants must sit and eat their meals together.
    After completing the meals, please do not stand up and leave the room before being instructed by Lama.
  9. Participants must take care of the cleanness of the puja area, dining room, rest room, and bedroom.
  10. During resting period, participants are not allowed to take a walk or to other places apart from going to the puja area and hotel.
  11. Please use the 3 day puja as good as possible.
  12. In case of a urgent situation where the participant cannot join the on-going puja and needs to leave before the 3 day puja is completed, the participant must get permit from the Lama and the committee for going home and his/her return to his/her town is to be handled by one’s own self (not to be handled by the committee any longer).

With prayers,
Joint Commitee of Borobudur Monlam 2009