The issues that must be considered / prepared before Puja

The participants of Borobudur Marme Monlam Chenmo Puja must prepare the following issues :


The issues that must be considered / prepared before Puja

March 6 – 8, 2009

  1. Each participant leaving from Jakarta or other cities will be reponsible for their own departure to Yogyakarta; this will not be handled by the committee.
  2. Having arrived in Yogyakarta, all participants will be picked up and taken to the hotel. For those leaving for Yogyakarta in group, please get together, to facilitate the pick up by the committee.
  3. Having arrived at the hotel, participants should report to the welcoming commettee for data recheck, and the committee will arrange and take the participants to their respective rooms.
  4. Each participant will be given an Identity Card (ID). All participants must wear the ID during the entire programs in Borobudur (functioning as an ID and entrance ticket to Borobudur).
  5. Each room will be occupied by 4 (four) participants.
  6. All participants from Indonesia, who are the committee members in majority, will be prioritised to stay at Mahonara Hotel (in the Borobudur complex) to facilitate the arrangement of programs.
  7. All participants and committee members arriving at Borobudur on the 5th of March 2009 will be provided with dinner only (there is no breakfast and lunch provided).
  8. There is no food and drink provided for the 9th of March 2009.
  9. Tent is not allowed to be built on the puja location, and therefore to prevent oneself from heat and rain, all participants and committee members are encouraged to bring umbrella, jacket, shawl and raincoat (the using of hat is not allowed during puja).
  10. Chair or cushion for sitting during the puja is not provided; please bring your own chusion .
  11. The committee will provide some medicines. However, all participants are encouraged to bring their own medicines normally taken.
  12. Please prepare your physical and mental condition as good as possible to join the pujas since all the pujas will be in open air field and under direct sunshines (rain is possible to occur).
  13. During the entire 3 day puja, please take care of your own self well (drink adequately to avoid any hydration caused by the heat of the sun).
  14. Please be informed that the committee will try their best to convene this entire program as good as possible as a spiritual program, not as picnics or sight seeings.


With prayers,

Joint Committee