Pakcik Monlam, Prayers for Aspiration and World Peace 2010

pakcikmonlam-TibetIn Qinghai, the Pakcik Monlam (8 Auspiciousness), prayers for aspiration and world peace was convened from 20 September to 1 Oktober 2010. This event was pioneered by Ven. the 4th Zurmang Drukpa Rinpoche. 3,000 monks and Khenpos from all parts of Qinghai joined this event.


 Besides, this rare event was also attended by thousands of devotees who were very enthusiastic to come to join the event from morning to the end of the program. As the daylight was disappearing and the darkness was coming, all the lamps in front of Chang Ching Ma (the main hall of Zurmang Namgyaltse Monastery – the monastery founded by Trung Mase hundreds of years ago) formed some beautiful Tibetan figures and letters.