Life Release with Drukpa Rinpoche

Fangshen2010There were quite a lot of devotees from Jakarta who joined the life release program held at Teluk Naga – Tangerang, a suburb area near Jakarta on Sunday, 14 November 2010. This program was lead by Ven. the 4th Zurmang Drukpa Rinpoche dan Thek Chok Rinpoche (the son of the 11th Zurmang Tenga Rinpoche), 4 monks and Ani Tashi.

Drukpa Rinpoche has been well known of his compassion, where he always prefers doing life release programs in various countries in Asia. All lay devotees joined the program happily from 10 am to 2 pm. Different types of animals were released such as various fish, frogs and tortoises. Below are some pictures taken during the life release program.